A winter version of Aperol Spritz exists – and it is perfect for Christmas 1 year ago

A winter version of Aperol Spritz exists – and it is perfect for Christmas

As refreshing as it is to sip on chilled rosé and Aperol spritzes in the summertime, when the afternoons start getting darker and the weather starts getting chillier, it just doesn't feel quite the same.

However, you'll be happy to know that a winter version of Aperol Spritz exists, and it is as addictive and delicious as its summertime counterpart.


Say hello to the Amaro Spritz – it's all the things you love about the Aperol Spritz, just somehow cosier and more wintery.

Amaro, in case you don't know, is an Italian herbal liqueur, that, similar to Aperol, is bittersweet and actually relatively low in alcohol.

If you love Aperol, chances are you will like Amaro too, as the two are related.

A quick Google or Pinterest search will leave you with many different recipes to try out when it comes to Amaro Spritz, or Amaro cocktails in general.


One basic recipe we found on PureWow suggests the following for an Amaro Spritz:

3 ounces prosecco

2 ounces amaro

1 ounce soda water


Like with an Aperol Spritz, you can garnish with a slice of orange and serve over ice.

Another recipe we found using Amaro was the Amaro Whiskey Spritz – which also sounds like winter in a glass, if you ask us.

If you like whiskey, this is a great light and fizzy take on a whiskey cocktail, and the warmly spiced and slightly bitter flavour of the Amaro makes it the perfect Christmas tipple.


All you need is:

    • 2 ounces Amaro
    • 1 ounce rye whisky
    • 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup plain seltzer
    • 1 strip orange zest

To a tall glass add the amaro and whiskey. Fill the glass with ice and stir to chill. Top with the seltzer and nestle in the orange zest. Stir again to combine and serve.