Here's your chance to WIN an incredible Mystery Box worth €700 2 years ago

Here's your chance to WIN an incredible Mystery Box worth €700

Brought to you by Vodafone X.

Well, we do hope you love surprises because there could be a spectacular mystery box coming your way! Right on time for Christmas too. *grin face*

So, you may have heard of the ol’ craze that is ordering a mystery box and, well… hoping it’s filled with something decent. A bit risky you might say, but it seems many people think that’s a product worthy of purchase. Odd.

Well in taking the gamble, folks hope that the price they pay is a good representation of what’s inside, plus it’s utterly thrilling and exciting to see what someone else has gathered up for you! Will it be a new pair of shoes? A brand-new Christmas jumper? Some sparkling new mobile phone accessories? Some make-up?

We can only hope yours will be bigger than the box above.

Ooo, a mystery box is sure to have you wiggling with anticipation, especially the ones we have made for YOU! And we aren’t the stingy types either, FYI.

Yes, we are giving away three mystery boxes, each filled with contents worth €700! And it couldn't be easier to enter! All you need to do is tag a friend who you'd like to see win, in this very Facebook post.

Ah, g’wan. You know you’re worthy of a superb Christmas gift this year!

Brought to you by Vodafone X.

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