We’re giving away €1000 TODAY at Cork's Creme Egg Hunt - here’s how to win! 11 months ago

We’re giving away €1000 TODAY at Cork's Creme Egg Hunt - here’s how to win!

Brought to you by Cadbury Creme Egg.

At last, it's hunting day!

Recently, we gave our readers an outline of what's involved in Cork's Creme Egg Hunt and how to nab the spectacular prize on offer. We promised a more in depth description of each and every step you must take to win, along with those all-important coordinates.

First of all, get yourselves over to Berwick Fountain - the starting point for today’s hunt. Once there, you can meet up with the Her team and collect your Creme Egg (yum!). But... DO NOT not eat this Creme Egg, even if you're extremely tempted to do so!


To avoid any chaos, we've put together the following rules:

1. Entrants must collect a Creme Egg from the team at Berwick Fountain.

2. Entrants must visit each of the 15 below locations, however there’s no particular order. Take the fastest route possible or go in alphabetical order. It’s up to you.

3. Entrants must take a selfie at each location. The selfie must have the Creme Egg visible in the image. That’s why you can’t eat it just yet.

4. All 15 selfies must be posted to one Twitter account using the hashtag #CremeEggHuntingSeason.

5. Teams may work together and split up but all 15 locations must be covered with selfies uploaded to one Twitter account. It can be a team effort but you need to use a single Twitter account.

6. The first entrant back to the finish point, at Berwick Fountain, along with proof of all 15 locations posted to Twitter, will win the €1000.

7. There will be a runner-up prize for the individual/team that comes second. Hurray!

8. There is also a prize for the entrant/team with the best selfie - so get creative!


Now that those are out of the way, here are the all-important locations plus their GPS coordinates. Be sure to read the instructions on what needs to be included in the selfie.

The 15 locations are listed below. Click on the link to see where it is. You don’t have to visit these locations in any particular order to just choose the quickest route for you.

Location 1:

51.893510, -8.492146

Instruction: Take a snap where the four paths cross.

Location 2:

51.895657, -8.497425

Instruction: Take a picture at the playground. Make it a good one! Remember there’s a prize for best selfie.

Location 3:

51.903586, -8.469737

Instruction: Take a picture at the top looking back down at the city.

Location 4:

51.901922, -8.457922

Instruction: Get a picture under the blue sign at the main entrance.

Location 5:

51.896078, -8.473623

Instruction: Get a picture with the memorial.

Location 6:

51.900286, -8.472871

Instruction: Take a picture in front of all that lovely glass.

Location 7:

51.897966, -8.473651

Instruction: Get a picture with some fish!

Location 8:

51.902720, -8.476319

Instruction: Take a snap on the stairs leading into a world of dance.

Location 9:

51.901098, -8.465626

Instruction: Get a snap with the big yellow sign.

Location 10:

51.897308, -8.465433

Instruction: Get a picture with the three main doors.

Location 11:

51.897676, -8.478737

Instruction: Get an image in between two of the pillars.

Location 12:

51.894379, -8.481070

Instruction: Stand in the car park and get an image of the beautiful building floor to top.

Location 13:

51.899647, -8.466377

Instruction: Snap a selfie with a bus.

Location 14:

51.895175, -8.469255

Instruction: Get a snap on the bridge

Location 15:

51.893929, -8.473339

Instruction: Grab a snap with the name of this historical building.

Finally, make sure to return to the finish line at Berwick Fountain. Find our Her team and show us the evidence of all 15 selfies from all 15 locations for your chance to win.

Brought to you by Cadbury Creme Egg.

By partaking in this event you agree to be bound by the terms of our accident waiver and release of liability form for Cadbury Creme Egg Hunt. Please make sure you read it carefully.