WIN €2000 at this AMAZING Cadbury Creme Egg event 5 months ago

WIN €2000 at this AMAZING Cadbury Creme Egg event

Brought to you by Cadbury.

Give us the chocolate.

We really cannot get enough Cadbury Creme Eggs, especially as we only have a few short months each year to appreciate their utter deliciousness.

This year, though, it's not just the drool-worthy gooey centre that we can enjoy during these Creme Egg months - there's also some money to win (Yes. Always love a bitta extra cash). Cadbury is hosting a Creme Egg Hunting Society Gathering with oodles of Creme Egg-related goodies and challenges, PLUS the chance to win €2000 (sounds eggcellent!).

Guests are invited in teams of four to a country house in Rathfarnham, Dublin, on Saturday, 23 February, where they will be greeted with hot chocolate and a chocolate fountain. Don't worry, there's plenty of chocolate for everyone so you don't have to SCRAMBLE over each other to get some (try to stop us).

After the chocolate-filled introduction, the contestants will set out on the Hunter's Trail in their teams, where they will have to complete some pretty tricky challenges. They'll need to have their wits about them because these challenges will be hard to beat (we could do this all day).

There will be tasks such as Snatch the Egg (follow clues and figure out which birdcage your egg is trapped in), or Eggs your Weigh (guess how many eggs make up the same weight as various hunting items), or Sling and Splat (try and shoot a yolk-coloured paintball through a hole), plus loads of other eggciting activities.

When all the eggsercise is done (okay, sorry, we'll stop now), there will be a banquet awaiting the contestants. But this isn't just any banquet. No siree. This is a Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate banquet, where everyone at the gathering can fill their empty tummies with scrumptious goodies like Creme Egg toasties, Creme Egg brownies, Creme Egg kebabs, and plenty more wondrous items (we're drooling just thinking about it).

But enough talking about it. Here's how to actually get yourselves to this fantabulous day and win the grand prize of €2000 and (just as importantly) stuff your face with all that delicious chocolate.

Enter the competition below and we will pick a few lucky winners at random out of the entries. Each winner gets to bring along three friends who make up their team of four (all contestants must be aged 16 or over and remember, €2000 is on the line, so competitive friends are preferable). The winning team on the day will win themselves that wonderful €2000 prize.

Don't worry, though, everyone at the Creme Egg Hunting Society Gathering (we love saying it) will get a taste of those delicious toasties.

So get cracking, Creme Egg lovers, fill in your names and get those all-important teams together.

Goo-d luck.


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Brought to you by Cadbury.

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