WIN a €2000 holiday voucher from Club for your summer hols 11 months ago

WIN a €2000 holiday voucher from Club for your summer hols

Brought to you by Club 

Too broke for a holiday this year?

Well, we have teamed up with Club to help you out with that.

Growing up with Club Orange, you always knew it was the best fizzy orange to drink because of its bits. Real bits means real oranges. It made sense that the drink with the best bits would be your favourite.

Now that you've all grown up, Club wants to see your other favourite things. Specifically, they want to see your favourite parts of this summer. The summer 2019 best bits, if you will.

To show them your fav bits of the summer, just take a photo of whatever it is – be it a stunning sunset, a water party with the family, or a picnic with your mates – and then upload the photo to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #BestBits. Make sure to tag both @ClubOrange and @Herdotie in the post.

For some inspiration, here's a little example of what we're looking for:

Easy enough, right?

Once you upload your picture with all the relevant tags, you will automatically be entered into the competition to win a €2000 GoHop holiday voucher (woohoo!). You'll be able to use the voucher for whatever holiday you like as long as it fits within the €2000 price limit.

Club will be looking for extra-creative pictures for this competition and will be awarding the prize to someone who puts a lot of thought into their photo. So go wild, people!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning this prize, get snapping and get uploading. Then who knows? Maybe in a month, you'll be relaxing by the sea in Mykonos. The life.

Brought to you by Club