WIN VIP passes to the Latin Quarter Gin Fest in Galway this June 1 year ago

WIN VIP passes to the Latin Quarter Gin Fest in Galway this June

Brought to you by Latin Quarter Gin Fest. 

It's so close!

We are counting down the days until our gin tasting extravaganza. We may barely be able to tell our gin from our whiskey at the moment (only a slight exaggeration), but we know by the time we get back from the Latin Quarter Gin Fest we will be bona fide experts on all things gin.

We are MORE than ready for this long weekend of cocktail making, gin appreciating, and a bit of good music too.

The festival is coming to the Latin Quarter in Galway this June 6-9. There will be tons and tons of gin-related activities going on for those four days, with the highlight being the evening Gin Village that you can wander around from 5-7pm on Saturday 8 (that's World Gin Day btw).

To learn more about what will be happening at Gin Fest, check out this article that give you all the deets. When you've decided that it sounds amazing (because it does), get right back here because we have two VIP passes to give away.

These VIP passes will give you and a friend full access to the Gin Village on Saturday as well as VIP passes to several of the other events during the day.

Passes are not all we have though, no siree! You and your chosen companion will also be treated to an overnight stay in the Boutique House Hotel on Friday, 7 June (hurrah!). This stay will also include a very necessary breakfast the next morning (need to get that belly filled if you're going to be tasting gin all day).

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize for yourself and a friend, just fill out the form below and click submit. Then cross your fingers for that little bit of luck.

We hope to see you there, friends!

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Brought to you by Latin Quarter Gin Fest.