We have 20 questions about the cucumber vagina cleanse 4 years ago

We have 20 questions about the cucumber vagina cleanse

Some pressing questions here...

Yesterday, we found out that some women are using cucumbers to cleanse their vaginas. They're removing the skin and inserting the naked cucumber into their hooha.


One doctor has spoken out about the new trend and how dangerous and harmful it can be. Not only can it affect the ph levels of the vagina, but it can also lead to serious side effects such as HIV or gonorrhea.

It had us quite puzzled yesterday about why someone would do this in the first place, and what the outcome would be.

So, with that in mind, we have 20 pressing questions about the cucumber cleanse:

  1. How ripe does the cucumber have to be?
  2. Are you hoping for pleasure too?
  3. How far down the shaft of the cucumber do you peel?
  4. How long does it take to peel?
  5. If you don't hold it in place, can it slip out?
  6. Does it leave a lingering smell?
  7. Does that smell change after a few days?
  8. Does it matter what size the cucumber is?
  9. Can you use miniature cucumbers for the same effect?
  10. Do you need a lubricant?
  11. Does it hurt?
  12. Does it leave a residue?
  13. Would there be any leakage after?
  14. Would your partner notice the difference?
  15. Would you not rather use a cucumber bubble bath?
  16. What's the recommended length of time to leave it in?
  17. What happens if you leave it in too long?
  18. Can you use it on your period?
  19. Do you still look at cucumbers the same way?
  20. Just... why?