5 reasons why girls give up sports AND how to get BACK IN THE GAME 5 years ago

5 reasons why girls give up sports AND how to get BACK IN THE GAME

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Ladies, it’s time to get back in the game.


But first we ask the question - just why are women and girls not playing as much sports as men or boys?

As part of Lidl’s bid to get more girls playing sports through their Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) campaign, they sent us some very interesting details indeed.

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It turns out, some of the top reasons girls drop out of sports are utterly shocking and upsetting.

Peer pressure

Two in three girls cited peer pressure as a major factor as to why they stopped playing sports in school. Unfortunately, when the whole gang stops playing, it's a major deterrent.


Lack of encouragement

Could it be that society as a whole doesn’t expect girls to play sport into adult hood and as their career and so it’s not urged or supported? Seventy-two percent of girls say they are not encouraged to be active.

School work is perceived as being more important


Closely related to the above, and definitely one plenty of us can relate to. There were no half days on a Wednesday for us ladies unlike our male counterparts. Undoubtedly academic work is important, but playing sports is just as equally as important.

Playing sports is not seen as feminine

Madness we say. Sure, isn’t it only natural to be physically active and playing sports. But unfortunately, many young girls and women buy into this absurd belief that emanates from others.

It seems girls do start off playing sports in their younger years, with 39 percent of women saying they used to play, but something happens along the way where everything seems to come to a sudden halt.



Pressures of life in teenage years is difficult enough, and in today’s world with heightened stresses and anxieties regarding looks, how well we do in school and our prospects for the future are taking over our lives. BUT, playing sports is absolutely crucial to being happy and content in life, plus alleviating added stress and angst.

It’s not just about feeling better and healthier physically but also about confidence and metal wellbeing, something women who play sports reported much higher levels of. Not only that, but sports playing women also reported a sense of being much more supported, happier, less lonely, less depressed, less overwhelmed and MORE empowered. Horray!

We love seeing strong, powerful, confident women who emanate happiness and support their female peers. So here’s how to get back in the game and ensure you’re healthier, happier and most importantly, feeling like YOU.

Yes you can!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of playing sports, whether it’s a year, 10 years, 20 years or never, you’re made to be active and that incredible body of yours, through sweat, muscle pain and lots of practise, will be an absolute machine in no time. Well, within a couple of months…

Start slow

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You’re not going to be able to jump right into anything and be a pro. Everything takes time. The only reason anyone is successful is because they put endless hours into perfecting their game. Patience is key so don’t give up. You’ll get there.

Pick a sport and give it time

Picking a sport when you haven’t played sports before is no easy feat. But doing your research and deciding what might tickle your fancy the most is key. And of course, it’s going to be difficult, but don’t give up.

Join that club

Joining your local sports club however big or small is a sure way of meeting new people, becoming more involved and increasing that sense of purpose. Having to show up at a particular time during the week is also an excellent way to keep us engaged and motivated.

No pain, no gain

Don’t be afraid of pain Getting fitter and increasing muscle mass is going to be a little painful so don’t be afraid of it. Muscle tears so as it can build itself back up bigger and stronger again enabling us to become fitter, healthier and enormously increase our energy levels.

Love your strength

Unless you happen to have the same level of testosterone as a man, you will not be physically able to look ‘bulky’ or build arms quite as big as those. Especially any young ladies reading this whose body confidence is lowered - embracing your naturally toned feminine silhouette is an incredibly beautiful thing so don’t worry about being bulky, in fact you’ll look stunning by taking it easy, eating nutritious foods and exercising.

We can’t wait for women and girls to get back in the game. Your health, physique and sense of self-worth will be through the roof in no time. Woohoo!

Brought to you by Lidl. 

By the age of 13, one in two young women drop out of sport. They are three times more likely to drop out than boys. Lidl want more Irish women to stay in sport. That's why they have invested €2.5m to date in women's sport. Continue reading here.

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