5 reasons to get yourself a gym membership this September 1 year ago

5 reasons to get yourself a gym membership this September

Brought to you by Move! With Aura Leisure.

So it's September.

That means back to work, back to college, and goodbye to sun.

We know, it's sad. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing. A new school/work year means new beginnings and new resolutions. Like the one you've been making for the past few years to start exercising.

Now is the time.

September is by far the best time to start exercising while you're still feeling fresh after the summer. And the best way to start exercising? Join a gym.

For any of you who find yourselves a bit hesitant to join up or you're wondering what the actual benefits are, here are the top five reasons why we think everyone should be signing up for a gym membership this September.

1. It'll help you get back in the work mindset.

Having a good exercise routine makes you more energised so you'll stay focused for longer in the day.

Going to the gym means you're more likely to schedule your workout in advance, plan your day around that, and actually follow through.

Plus, giving yourself a set time to do your workouts every day means you will naturally work out a daily timetable in your head. Organisation, ladies, it's key.

2. LOADS of equipment

A good gym will have a wide range of equipment that all focuses on different muscles in your body. That way you can get a full body workout all in one spot.

A gym with a swimming pool is obviously ideal. Swimming is a great - and often forgotten - form of exercise. It's low impact but works out loads of muscles at once. And you can do it without getting all hot and sweaty, which is always a bonus.

3. Gym classes

If you're a newbie or just want a more structured way of working out, classes are great. Most gyms provide different workout classes.

Aura Leisure Centres hold over 40 exercise classes a week, from boxercising to indoor cycling to aqua aerobics, so you'll definitely find something that fits you.

4. It's weather-proof

This is Ireland so, let's face it, it's going to rain.

The gym means that you can get that jog in without worrying what the weather will be like. No one likes running with soggy socks.

5. Stay in the zone

When you're at home and you do a particularly tiring set, it's easy to stop there. Or get distracted by roommates. Or, you know, have a little bit of that snack you were keeping until afterwards.

We're all for treating yourself after a gym sesh. Sure, what's the point of working out? But a workout at the gym means you can make sure to keep that treat or break until you're completely done.

No temptations. Out of site, out of mind.

So get those runners out. And this September, Aura Leisure are offering up to 50% off a gym membership so really there's no excuse not to dust off that old gym bag.

Brought to you by Move! With Aura Leisure.

Whatever your fitness goals are, Aura Leisure Centres can offer you a personalised programme to get you where you want to be. Guiding, inspiring and helping you to get the results that are right for you. Places are filling fast, so if you are looking to significantly improve or change your lifestyle, join Aura this month to save up to 50%.