5 ways you’ll actually look more attractive when you quit smoking 4 years ago

5 ways you’ll actually look more attractive when you quit smoking

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Smoking isn't attractive but like any addiction, it can be super difficult to say goodbye to.


Most people who smoke - whether they consider themselves a full-time smoker or a social smoker -  want to quit. Well fabulous news, because the fact that so many people want to stop means they’re already on the road to nipping it in the bud! So, we thought we’d give some extra encouragement and list the ways us gals are proven to look even more fabulous when we quit smoking.

1. “You look so healthy!”


Yes, you will quite literally be glowing. Nicotine reduces the amount of blood flow to the skins lower layer (dermis) which means it’s receiving less oxygen. Without that vital oxygen, our skin looks dull and lacking - often becoming dry and in desperate need of moisture. When we stop smoking - tah-dah! - expect to look alive again.


2. Bright Eyes

When we smoke, our eyes are in contact with irritants and constant pollution leaving them looking sleepy or even red and sore. When we quit smoking, we’re allowing our beautiful eyes to shine.

3. Pearly Whites


There are plenty of reasons to be smiling, especially when we’ve finally quit smoking. The great news is, those choppers will be looking far whiter than before due to that common yellow hue reducing now that there’s no tar or tobacco there to wreak havoc.

4. So Long Wrinkles!

Ok - slight exaggeration there. But, quitting smoking DOES slow down the wrinkling process. Smoking reduces the amount of collagen our body can make because it essentially hoovers up all our Vitamin C (needed to make collagen) and toys with the enzyme our body needs to produce collagen (matrix metalloproteinase). When you quit smoking make sure to wear your UVA and UVB protection to ensure your body can hold onto the collagen it’s finally being allowed make and keep.

5. Hello luscious locks


The chemicals we put in our bodies if we smoke can damage our DNA - that means the DNA in our hair follicles too. This damage means our hair is more likely to get thinner and turn grey sooner than we had hoped. When you throw away the smokes - your hair will thank you for it! But be patient, it takes time to grow those healthy strands.

Brought to you by HSE Quit.

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