7 reasons why sleeping naked is better for your health 1 year ago

7 reasons why sleeping naked is better for your health

We are huge fans of our sleep - and understand completely that a bad sleep can have dire consequences on our ability to function.

So, we’re always looking for some tips for better sleep.


And while our cosy pyjamas have always been a favourite of ours, it turns out that sleeping naked actually has a lot of benefits.

To mark National Nude Day on July 14, the folks at Nude Life have revealed seven key reasons why sleeping naked is actually better for your health.

Faster and better quality of sleep

This one is simple, really. Your body’s temperature needs to gradually decrease in order to regulate and sustain your sleep over night. That’s why when you are hot, you are left tossing and turning in light sleep.

Sleep expert, Christabel Majendie from Naturalmat comments on the health benefits of sleeping nude stating ‘by providing an environment for your body to fall asleep more comfortably, it will in a faster, more sustained manner.

The ideal bedroom temperature for optimum sleep is 18-24 degrees Celsius and this is easily achieved under a comfortable duvet. Adding additional layers increases the risk of a disrupted sleep and overheating during the night’.


Promotes body positivity

The best way to become comfortable with your body is to spend time with it. Sleeping naked can promote your mental health and make you feel more body positive.

Boosting your body image, self-esteem and life satisfaction, sleeping nude can help you create a realistic ideal of attractiveness and help you come to accept your body over time.

Better for your skin

Your face isn’t the only place where skin can get clogged pores and spots can occur. Sleeping au natural is one of the only times in the day where you can allow your skin to breathe.


Not only does this aid the release of the growth hormone which can make your skin naturally glow more, but it can also reduce the risk of some skin diseases.

Good for your genitals

Pajamas can restrict air flow whereas sleeping nude means more circulation of air around the genital organs. For females, this can reduce the risk of vaginal infections such as UTI’s whilst for men, this can increase their testosterone production and make them more fertile.


Reduces stress

Stress can be deadly. It can cause physical deterioration and make people much more susceptible to illnesses from the common cold to cancer. Doing everything you can to reduce stress is pivotal for a happier, healthier life so why not start with the small change of sleeping nude? Sleeping nude can help rebalance your cortisol levels which are your stress hormones released by the adrenal glands. Being comfortable in the nude also teaches you to learn how to relax, which can have lasting positive effects on your body-confidence and stress levels.

Can help you become more active

We’re all guilty of spending a bit too much time lounging around in our pajamas. However, what’s the best way to kick a bad habit than to force yourself out of it?


A small change such as going straight from bed to the shower and getting changed can help you form more positive routines in your life. Therefore, sleeping nude can promote a healthier, more active lifestyle.

It burns more calories

Yes, this really is a thing! When you feel cooler in your sleep, your body will naturally create more brown fat to keep you warm. Brown fat produced the heat needed by burning calories, helping boost your metabolism throughout the day too. Sleeping nude can also help relieve stress, which is a huge contributor to weight gain as well as stabilise your appetite via deeper, healthier sleep.