Bottoms Up! Study Proves Red Wine Is The Answer To Age-Related Illness 5 years ago

Bottoms Up! Study Proves Red Wine Is The Answer To Age-Related Illness

Tops up glass… Scientists have discovered a substance found in red wine may protect the body against age-related diseases.

The study showed that resveratrol (an organic compound found it grapes, nuts and some edible plants) has already been linked to decreasing heart disease, but now it is believed the ingredient guards human cells against genetic damage.

The researchers found that resveratrol binds with an enzyme called TyrRS, causing the enzyme to move into the cell nucleus where it helps to protect the DNA of the chromosomes against genetic damage.

The study found that this can activate a host of genes which protect the body against cancer, tumours and increases the “longevity” of lifespans.

Researchers now believe that red wine, thanks to its high resveratrol level, could be in the answer to a longer-healthier living life. The study suggests that the link between red wine and a healthier lifestyle is already witnessed by the French -  who consume high-fat diets and red wine with relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease.

Do... Say Cheers With Red! Red wine is full of anti-oxidants. It also has a substance that can prevent small fat cells from maturing into full-grown ones. All in moderation of course…

According to the study, researchers wrote:

‘Based on these results, it is conceivable that moderate consumption of a couple of glasses of red wine would give a person enough resveratrol to evoke a protective effect via this pathway.’

So what if you prefer a glass of white?

Consider switching! Despite white wine having some levels of resveratrol, red wine is typically higher in the ingredient as it leaves grape skins for longer during fermentation. Other foods that hold the magic ingredient include peanuts and soy.