Doctors issue warning over dangerous IUD removal trend on TikTok 8 months ago

Doctors issue warning over dangerous IUD removal trend on TikTok

We've seen it all.

Doctors are warning women not to remove their IUD after a viral TikTok trend showed how to take yours out at home.


After finding it hard to get appointments with their doctors and gynaecologists, some women on the app decided to get them out themselves and found it to be a lot easier than expected.

Doctors have warned that this can be extremely dangerous and should only be inserted and removed by healthcare professionals.

An IUD is a form of birth control and is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, lasting up to 10 years.


One TikTok user Mikkie Gallagher told her followers that it was "a lot easier" to take it out herself than she expected, and taught others how to do it.

While others hopped on the trend, doctors advised that it could cause serious harm, with Founder of ByQuanna and qualified gynaecologist Dr Dimitry Loktionov saying: "While the procedure of removing an IUD itself is quite simple, there are dangers to do this yourself."

Explaining that it can cause infections to the vagina, cervix, and uterus, or even abrasions, he added: "If removed, it needs to be inspected by a doctor to make sure the whole IUD came out. If a piece of IUD is left inside, it will continue to act as contraception and thus preventing you from getting pregnant."

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Removing an IUD yourself can also lead to bleeding.

Many of the women participating in this trend are also saying that they have been refused an IUD or getting it removed, with some told they need to go on another form of birth control if they get rid of their IUD.

Doctors have added that if you are told this information or a doctor refuses you treatment, to seek out another doctor as this shouldn't be said to you.