Feeling sluggish? WellGood is back with 21 days of feel-good challenges and we're so in 2 years ago

Feeling sluggish? WellGood is back with 21 days of feel-good challenges and we're so in

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland. 

We're on the straight and narrow. For good this time.


We have plenty of trouble sticking to our healthy-life routines, we're the first to admit it. We begin with high hopes but inevitably, bit by bit, we lose our mojo.

But just because we mess up once or twice (or ten times) doesn't mean it's all over.

Luckily, the KBC WellGood programme will give us a little push in the right direction. (We'll take all the help we can get.)

They have set up a 21-day calendar full of little challenges to make sure we're feeling tip top by the end of the month.

These are by no means difficult challenges though - no siree! Some days your task is to try out some yoga moves, sometimes you're encouraged to bake a little feel-good treat for yourself or plan out your nightly routine, sometimes all you have to do is focus on your breathing. (Sign us up now please!)

Like we said, these challenges are there to focus on your well being and to make you feel great.


The challenges are set out by a team of fab ambassadors, that includes performance psychologist Gerry Hussey, best-selling cookery author Roz Purcell, Dublin GAA player and fitness entrepreneur Philly McMahon, Yoga, Mindfulness and Mediation teacher Lee Tracey, and Registered Dietitian Orla Walsh.

We'll be following the KBC WellGood calendar ourselves, so keep an eye out for our articles and Insta stories over the next month. Follow the plan and make sure to share your journey on Twitter and Instagram using #KBCWellGood.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in (you know, if feeling super duper is your thing), check out the WellFest website where you can find the 21-day calendar and loads of little tips and tricks to help you out during your challenge.

We are SO ready to feel fresh, fabulous, and excited for life. Plus, this challenge is the perfect thing to get you ready for WellFest 2019, which will be headlined by loads of top names in fitness, heath, and wellness, and it's happening this May 11 and 12 at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. (Stay tuned and we may just have a few sneaky tickets to give away.)


Go forth and live your best life!

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.