Here's how to keep your gym-wear fresh and clean 3 years ago

Here's how to keep your gym-wear fresh and clean

Are you cleaning your work-out clothes properly?

Considering how much we sweat and move around when we're working out, it should be no surprise that our active-wear needs a good thorough clean.

While we may think sticking them in the washing machine is all well and good, some experts actual advise against this, as there is another way to

Tea-tree oil has been recommended by fitness enthusiasts and experts alike.

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According to New Moon Natural Foods, the essential oil contains natural compounds and antiseptic properties which get rid of bacteria or yeast cell function.

Add a 5 to 10 drops to your wash load to get rid of sweaty workout smells and spruce up your sports bras, leggings and everything else.

This isn't the only benefit to having a bottle of the essential oil in your cupboard. Other uses for it include using it as an after sun soother, strengthening nails and healing acne.