Here’s a top tip for all the hay fever sufferers out there 4 years ago

Here’s a top tip for all the hay fever sufferers out there

Anything that can help rescue us from this plight, we're in.

Summer time is superb, there’s no doubt about it. After a long cold winter, it’s the perfect season to recover and enjoy the extra activities it has to offer – whether that be going on holidays, heading to the beach or having more than our fair share of BBQ’s.


However, with summer, it also means plenty of us suffer from hay fever. With itching eyes, a tickly nose, a scraping feeling in your throat, sneezing so hard you think you could blow out a lung, increased tiredness… It’s really no fun.

One great tip though, besides of course taking those potentially much needed antihistamines if advised, is to make sure you don’t dry your washing outside. Yes, we know… It’s great drying weather, but it can cause pollen to stick to your clothes –  which in turn cause hay fever symptoms to soar. According to the Irish Examiner, Holly Shaw, nurse advisor says,

“This means pollen can enter rooms and provide a constant stream of aeroallergens.”

“Pollen can be brought into the home by a variety of modes. A common cause is coming in through open windows, which are often opened early in the morning and/or evening, when pollen counts are highest.”

There’s no doubt drying clothes outside in this weather is incredibly useful, but if you suffer from allergies, you may want to reconsider. It’s not practical to hide ourselves indoors for the summer either, so Shaw recommends taking a shower when you return home from being outside, as this will wash away the pollen and other allergens from our skin and hair.

Not only is pollen a nuisance in summer months, but also dust mites, who thrive in these warm conditions, and which Shaw points out are the most common indoor allergens. So asthma suffers take heed too! Try not to purchase clothes and bed linen that release huge amounts of dust. If you see their fibres flying everywhere when you’re in the shop -  it’s not for you.

In relation to what we already have in our homes such as carpets, rugs, cushions etc, be sure to vacuum them regularly to keep those allergies at bay.