So this is why you're much better off sleeping in the nip than in a thong 4 years ago

So this is why you're much better off sleeping in the nip than in a thong

It's time to go commando.

Yes - with the winter weather quickly creeping in, (I don't know about you but it was BALTIC in my house today) the thoughts of removing any clothes before our night's slumber sounds like hell but... according to science it will stand to you to ditch the thong before leaba.


Firstly, wearing a thong in bed is uncomfortable AF, before we even go into the "science"part, it chafes your bum and can ride up so high, it literally stings. No no no.

So besides the notable pain, this string that rides up your bum is just not good for vaginal breathing. And the more fancy the thong is (polyester blends and lace), the more trapping it's doing down below.

Sleeping commando leaves your bits get the fresh air they need after being trapped in clothing all day. Tight jeans, tights, leggings and shape underwear are around your vagina all day while you walk, sit and basically go about your day, so its only right it too gets a chance to breathe and cool off.



Ronald Blatt, gynecologist, chief surgeon and medical director of the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, told Vice that:

"The vagina certainly does need to breathe and that can be accomplished by sleeping without underwear. This will cool you down, air you out, and may prevent yeast infections which usually happen in moist, and warm areas of the body."


Blatt continued, describing why thongs are the worst choice of bedtime underwear...

"The thin material of the thong moves around as you naturally position yourself while asleep and it could possibly transfer bacteria from anus to vagina or urethra. This may cause infection."

Also if you regularly suffer from UTIs or any type of vaginal infections, sleeping in a thong can prolong the infection and make it harder to get rid of.

If you HAVE to wear knicks to bed, Dr Blatt recommends a full brief that is fully cotton to ensure correct airflow is getting circulated and that you of course, get a pleasant sleep.