Juice, yoga, workouts, and sunshine: this July Ibiza retreat is wellness goals 4 years ago

Juice, yoga, workouts, and sunshine: this July Ibiza retreat is wellness goals

Yet to book your summer holliers?

Well, if you're in the market for something that isn't just another beach jaunt (and assuming you don't plan on hanging around Ireland until autumn) we spotted something recently that we reckon is total wellness goals.


Think the island of Ibiza (has a party and beach club rep, but is also seriously stunning and swish in the quieter parts). Now consider the likes of waking up in a beautiful villa and having fresh juice... before doing workouts, walk, and yoga, interspersed with nutritious and tasty meals.

If you're an all-inclusive hun who just wants to kick-back and read a stack of books (sounds pretty good too, tbh)... this probably isn't for you.

However, if you're a total gym bunny - a luxury fitness and wellness retreat held from July 14-20 is probably right up your street.


It's being held at the stunning Can Amonita Villa by Pilates Plus Dublin (which is run by the gorge Emma Forsyth) and Diosa Hayya - they're calling it "a fabulous seven days of ultimate fitness and wellbeing full of fun activities".

"In this retreat, we will focus on becoming fitter and feeling stronger as the week progresses, not forgetting our wellbeing and relaxation of course.

"It is a retreat based on feeling good about yourself, balance in health, fitness and life. It is not all about physicality, we look at fitness and wellness as a holistic process which includes your mental, emotional and physical self," a statement reads.


Apparently the tougher fitness sessions take place in the morning, eg Emma’s strength-building Pilate-sessions and HIIT.

In the evenings, the likes of restorative sessions, stretching, yoga, and meditation are held.

Paddle-boarding, gentle hikes, and beach trips are furthermore factored in, but the organisers say there is plenty of time to hang out by the pool, have a massage, and explore Ibiza.


There is an emphasis on fresh Mediterranean food sourced from local Ibiza farms. You won't go hungry but everything is super-healthy. As for alcohol - "you can also choose to have a glass of wine with your dinner or do a dry holiday" - either way, we reckon that the retreat will be pretty light on booze.

The villa Can Amonita itself has an outdoor yoga deck, a serene pool surrounded by pine trees, and a Bali house for massage.

The price is set at €1,750 per person or if friends or couples book together - it’s €1650 per person.

More info is here.

Sample day:

  • 7am | warming ginger tea to stimulate your digestive system
  • 7.10am | optional silent walk in the forest
  • 7.45am | light breakfast snack
  • 8-10am | awaken your body, mind, and spirit with dynamic yoga, breathing, and meditation practice
  • 10.30am | fresh juice or smoothie
  • 11.30am | lavish brunch encompassing both healthy and comfort foods
  • Your time (explore Ibiza, read a book, relax by the pool, choose an activity or healing therapy)
  • 6.30-7.45pm | restorative and relaxing sunset yoga practice
  • 8.30pm | delicious dinner with fresh Mediterranean produce accompanied with a glass of wine
  • After dinner activity (e.g. a bath)
  • A good night’s beauty sleep