Woman praised for honest photo of how C-section changed her body 2 years ago

Woman praised for honest photo of how C-section changed her body

A mum has shared a photo depicting how her C-section changed her body.

Mel Watts gave birth via Caesarean seven months ago.

Before that, the Australian mum also gave birth to three other children.

Mel has said that she struggled for a long time with how childbirth changed her body, giving her stretch marks and affecting the elasticity of the skin on her stomach.

She said that at times, she felt "... revolting, disgusting, unflattering, repulsive."

However, Mel soon realised that her body gave her "the most precious gifts" - her children.

She wrote:

"I brought my small people into the world. I never bounced back, I didn’t even slowly drag back to my old self.

"Truth be told I don’t want to be old me. If this is what I have to remind me of the most precious gifts I was given then I’ll wear my battle wounds."

Mel went on to say that she's sure that there are plenty of women who went through what she did.

She also said that she hopes that people learn to be accepting of themselves and of other people too.

"And if you are like me, be kind to yourself. And thank the lord for high waisted pants and one pieces - or embrace the fuck out of it and bikini it.

"We only have this one life."

Mel's post was met with much praise online.

"You are beautiful. I love this," said one person.

"This post is everything," said another.

One mum thanked Mel for being a great "role model."

 "You are a brave, beautiful mother. I take my hat off to you for being such a strong and true role model.

"We love you gurl and I know exactly how you feel babe I have these to remind me also."