Apparently nasal spray can actually ease labour pains, study finds 1 year ago

Apparently nasal spray can actually ease labour pains, study finds

Interesting, right?

It looks like women will now be able to use nasal spray to alleviate labour pains.

Yep, a new study has revealed that nasal spray analgesic drug, fentanyl, is as effective as injections.

The study was carried out by Flinders University and the University of Adelaide.

156 women were studied, and now fentanyl will be offered as an alternative pain medication in South Australian maternity hospitals.

A great step for women's health.

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"Women can self-administer a controlled dose using the nasal spray, under a midwife’s supervision, which helps them feel more in control of their pain management and avoids the need for additional intervention and painful injections," said Dr Julie Fleet, lead researcher on the study.

"Fentanyl administered by the nasal spray doesn’t completely eliminate pain – as it can when administered as an epidural, which blocks all sensation – so it is suited to women who still want to be able to feel something," she said, while speaking to The Guardian. 

"It’s also good for women who might not be able to have an epidural due to conditions such as pre-eclampsia."

"Because fentanyl is not converted in the same way and is out of the system within two to seven hours, it has less chance of producing negative effects on the baby."