Need Some Exercise Motivation? Here's Eight Reasons To Get Off The Couch 6 years ago

Need Some Exercise Motivation? Here's Eight Reasons To Get Off The Couch

We've already talked about the dreaded January detox and how to tackle it.

It can be REALLY difficult to motivate yourself when it's dark and cold but once you get up and out, you tend to feel a lot better for it.


Fitting in 30 minutes of exercise three times a week can make a huge difference to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

Here's a few incentives to get moving...

It has a HUGE number of health benefits

The difference regular exercise makes to your health is definitely one of the most important reasons to get up and out.


It reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes, increases muscles strength, helps with flexibility, and keeps bones and joints healthy.

Exercise is also said to improve brain performance and boost memory.


Bags of energy


There's nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off and wishing that you could just turn over and go back to the land of dreams.

The good news is committing to regular exercise will give you higher energy levels in the long run and getting up in the morning won't be as hard.


Goodbye stress!


Okay, so it won't completely eradicate the big bad S word but it will distract you for a little while at least.

Physical movement helps ease the tension of the day and focusing on something lends to a sense of calm. Scientists have found that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can help reduce anxiety levels.


It can be FUN

If you despise the gym, there are plenty of other ways to exercise, maybe swimming is your thing or a good long walk provides the opportunity for a catch up with a friend.


Exercise classes are another way to get active: from Zumba to Kettlebells to Strength and Conditioning, there's something for everyone. tumblr_mykl9isyhf1rhrbigo1_500

And I'm feeling good...

Those who hate exercise might not agree with this but it's been proven that exercise can help improve our moods.

Physical exercise releases endorphins which in turn boost your mood and trigger a positive attitude. There's a sense of achievement and well-being from exercise and this is definitely something we can get on board with.


Get creative

Researchers says that an exercise session can boost creativity for up two hours afterwards while also boosting your concentration.

So if you're working on an important presentation or have a deadline looming, get moving first. You'll have that bright idea before you know it...


You'll sleep well tonight!

Getting out for fresh air is one way to get a good night's sleep.

Don't let the Irish climate stop you though as there's plenty of indoor classes and getting regular exercise will help improve your sleep pattern.


Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight

When the word exercise is mentioned, some might think this means intense gym regimes or getting marathon fit.

It really doesn't, simple things like swapping the lift for the stairs or walking to work on a nice morning, can make the world of difference and are easily incorporated into your daily regime.