New study finds link between fizzy drinks and infertility 3 years ago

New study finds link between fizzy drinks and infertility

A new study has found that drinking just one fizzy drink a day can lead to infertility issues.

It applies to both sexes. The research, which was carried out in Boston University, found that drinking a sugar-sweetened fizzy drink every day reduces infertility by 33percent in men and 25percent in women.


While it applies to sugar-sweetened fizzy drinks, the researchers didn't find any link between diet or sugar-free drinks and fruit juices and infertility.

According to The Daily Mail, the study found that eggs and embryos have failed to thrive in high blood glucose environments.

For the survey, they studied 3,828 women and 1,045 men over the course of four years. They followed their journey to pregnancy and for the first three months of pregnancy.

Commenting on the result, lead author of the study, Professor Elizabeth Hatch, said:

"We found positive associations between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and lower fertility, which were consistent after controlling for many other factors, including obesity, caffeine intake, alcohol, smoking and overall diet quality.

Couples planning a pregnancy might consider limiting their consumption of these beverages, especially because they are also related to other adverse health effects."

This study echoes similar results from a Harvard University study that found that having one fizzy drink a day can decrease the success rates of IVF.