Study finds a major difference between male and female doctors 3 years ago

Study finds a major difference between male and female doctors

It essentially found that women are superior doctors.

A new fascinating study found that there is a stark difference in the treatment of patients by female and male doctors.


The study asked 'do patient outcomes differ between those treated by male and female physicians?'

Researchers from Harvard University looked at the records of 1,583,028 hospital visits from patients. Within 30 days of arriving at the hospital, rates of death and re-admission were significantly lower when the patient’s doctor was female.

This was for patients with all sorts of conditions with different levels or severity.

The reason for superior care from female doctors was easily accounted for, and the research also found that the treatment was significantly different.


It found that female physicians are more likely to provide preventive care and psycho-social counselling. They are also more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines.

''Our findings indicate that potential differences in practice patterns between male and female physicians may have important clinical implications for patient outcomes.'' The study said.

It also added that female physicians “have a more patient- centered communication style, are more encouraging and reassuring, and have longer visits than male physicians.”

Some publications even went as far as to say that by this logic, if all doctors were women 32,000 lives would be saved.

While a study of one hospital in the US can't speak for the whole medical industry, it is a significant finding which further highlights the discrimination of the wage gap.