No, you really shouldn't be "dry scooping" your pre-workout powder 2 years ago

No, you really shouldn't be "dry scooping" your pre-workout powder

This trend is not the one to try at home.

It feels very strange to be writing this but please don't follow the TikTok trend of "dry scooping" your pre-workout powder.


The latest TikTok trend known has the "dry scooping challenge" is not the one to follow as doctors are warning that there could be dangers involved with it.

The viral trend challenges people to dry swallow pre-workout powder, which is designed to be mixed with water or another liquid. But this challenge just eliminates the water part.

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Dr. Saumil Oza, chief of cardiology at St. Vincent’s hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, spoke to News4Jax about his growing concern over the trend.

He said: "As a person, I think that’s pretty disgusting. These pre-workout drinks are supposed to mix with water and there’s a reason they recommend that. So, when you go against their guidelines, you’re putting yourself at risk."

These pre-workout powders are made with huge amounts of caffeine, so without it slightly watered down, it hits your body like a tonne of bricks.

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A 20 year old influencer reportedly tried the challenge and suffered from a heart attack after, and while it was to do with underlying conditions, Dr. Oza warned it can have severe effects for those with underlying conditions.

He added: “Many of these workout, pre-workout drinks have a lot of caffeine in them, which can have issues with patients with arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats. They can exacerbate those conditions.”

"You have to use some common sense. Many things that you think are kind of crazy sounding actually are crazy-sounding for a reason because they could be hazardous to your health."

Dr. Oza said that if you're planning on taking any supplements when it comes to your workout, always talk to your doctor first to make sure it's the right one for you.