The one benefit of orgasms you probably weren't aware of 5 years ago

The one benefit of orgasms you probably weren't aware of

Is there anything that can't be made better by a few orgasms?

Science has already informed us of so many of their benefits.


Not only do they feel pretty great, but they can also help us live longer, sleep better, curb our appetites, and basically just make us happier.

But there's one physical benefit to the orgasm that we weren't aware of - that it can help naturally rejuvenate our vaginas.

According to Dr. Elena C. Arias, director of the Marbellan Graal Clinic, having regular orgasms doesn't just keep us happy, it also keeps our entire vaginal areas in good shape.



Dr. Arias, who is also an expert on natural vaginal rejuvenation therapies, says that having an orgasm is akin to "a stomach crunch for the vagina."

She told The Sun:

“Clitoral stimulation and female orgasm increases pelvic floor tone, which in turn tones the entire vaginal area.

At the moment of orgasm the clitoris surges with increased blood pressure. The uterus contracts off the pelvic floor, increasing pelvic muscle tension and strengthening the entire region."

This rejuvenation is also helped by the lubrication that occurs during arousal.


"Clitoral arousal increases vaginal elasticity because it stimulates the function of the gland of the vagina, which produces a mucosa lubricant which has a moisturising and rejuvenating effect on the entire vaginal area."

With thousands of women seeking labiaplasties every year, it's good to know that there's a natural way to keep our vaginas in the best shape possible.

One that doesn't cost any money, and can be achieved in the privacy of our own homes.