Phew! This is how you can get to sleep when it's a very hot night 4 years ago

Phew! This is how you can get to sleep when it's a very hot night

This could be useful these days...

It's sunny in Ireland at the moment. Don't say that too loudly though, or you'll scare it off.


While it's beautiful during the day, it does bring with it another set of problems at night, the stuffy room you have to try and sleep in.

Weather expert Philip Eden recommended to the BBC, a technique that is commonly used in Mediterranean countries to keep cool at night and get a good sleep.

"I make sure all the curtains are closed during the daytime to stop the sun coming in," Eden said. "I have the windows open on the shady side and closed on the sunny side. It means running round the house halfway through the day to close one side and open the other."

Then an hour before he goes to bed, he opens all the windows of his house.


Unfortunately, this isn't always an option for people for house sharing and also security reasons so your best option, is probably to buy a fan according Mary Morrell, professor of sleep and respiratory physiology at Imperial College London.

While without air-conditioning, a fan won't have a huge impact on keeping you cool, but it will help shift about the air in your room and increase the chances of your sweat evaporating. This should stop that damp feeling of cold sweat you often feel during humid nights in bed.