Quit To Fit: The end is here and we have our winners! 2 years ago

Quit To Fit: The end is here and we have our winners!

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Congratulations, everyone!


You've made it. The Quit To Fit challenge is officially over and if you have managed to stay off the smokes for the entire time, that means you are a whopping ten weeks smoke free. That is quite a feat!

For those of you who joined us a bit after the start or who fell off the wagon but are back up again, well done too! Quitting is a continuous process and every day is an achievement.

All seven of our teams have completed the Quit To Fit challenge, with each contestant throwing themselves fully into every activity. And may we say that they all deserve a very loud round of applause. Quitting is not easy and these teams have been real troopers. Three cheers!


However, only one team could be awarded our grand prize of a holiday worth €2000 (what a perfect end to the challenge!). So, without further ado, the winners of the Quit To Fit challenge are Lorna and Nicola Kavanagh. Congratulations, you two! What a pair!

These two contestants are sisters from Galway. They joined the Quit To Fit challenge because they were tired of how the smoking left them feeling lethargic all the time. Plus they also hated the way it made their clothes smell. It looks like nice smelling clothes is a good incentive because these two ladies have reached their goal wonderfully.

Nicola said that, because they were so busy with the Quit To Fit challenge, they found giving up a lot easier than they expected.

"Overall, I think we have been so busy and active with our new routines and daily lifestyles that we haven't found the quitting part tough. Of course we have had the odd craving here and there but after four or five weeks past, I think we can say that we get very few cravings."


Lorna knew that this was her time to quit. Throughout the challenge, it was her determination to improve her own health that really kept her focussed.

"I was really ready to quit this time and was honestly so glad to have a reason not to smoke. After the VO2 test and having to see a cardiologist, I became very conscious about the impact it was having on my health. Taking part in this competition, I've been so focussed on getting fit and trying to get my heart working in a normal range that, apart from the odd fleeting craving, I haven't really thought about smoking at all."

Both of these contestants did so brilliantly in the challenge and made massive strides in their fitness over the course of the Quit To Fit challenge, with both of their cardiovascular levels improving hugely over the ten weeks.


Congratulations to all our wonderful teams who have completed the Quit to Fit challenge

When Lorna's VO2 levels were checked in January, they came in at a low maximum of 33.5. When they were checked again at the end of the Quit To Fit challenge, they had grown to an impressive 41.2 - that's a 23 percent increase. Nicola came in just below that with a similarly impressive 21.7 percent VO2 increase from 35.0 in January to 42.6 at the end of the challenge.

These very visible results contributed to their win but it was their commitment to the challenge and their positivity and eagerness to improve, along with the quality and consistency of their social posts to help others join in, that really clinched the deal and led to them being crowned winners of the Quit To Fit challenge 2019.

So well done, contestants, and we hope you enjoy that €2000 holiday.


Our two Quit To Fit coaches, Laura and Raul, who have been working with the contestants throughout the ten weeks expressed their congratulations for every single member of all the teams.

"I am so proud at how far each of the teams has come," said Laura. "I have been following their progress over the past ten weeks and the enthusiasm and energy that they each brought to the challenges was remarkable. To think that they were all smokers ten weeks ago and that now, with determination and focus, they are smoke free is fantastic. The challenge proves that, with support from others, distraction techniques and sheer grit, anyone can quit cigarettes. My sincerest congratulations to each and every participant."

"It's easy to underestimate the amount of work, both emotional and physical, that our seven teams have put into this challenge," adds Raul. "Their dedication to seeing this through has been inspiring and I've been struck by their honesty in sharing how tough this has been at times. But here we are, at week ten, which is both an ending and a beginning."

As usual, of course, Raul has some parting words of wisdom for the contestants as they continue on their quitting journey:

"Remember what is possible and continue on this journey; share your experience widely and in the coming months, when you go through some difficult moments, look back at the videos you shot and the words that you wrote. You are all winners."

Just because Quit To Fit is over, though, does not mean your journey is. Like we said, quitting is a continuous process. Every day is a challenge (one that will get easier and easier) and also an achievement. Take the lessons that you've learned during the Quit To Fit challenge and keep applying them to everyday life.

Remember to keep yourself busy, enjoy yourself, enjoy the foods you're eating, spend time with your new friends (and your old ones too!) and, most of all, remember to be kind to yourself. You're doing great.

A final congratulations to all of you who followed along with the Quit To Fit challenge. This isn't over though - we will be back next year to do it all over again so watch this space, and if you know anyone who needs that extra boost to quit smoking, you know where to send them.

Until next year, folks!

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