Quit to Fit Week 1: The first 48 hours of quitting - what to expect 3 years ago

Quit to Fit Week 1: The first 48 hours of quitting - what to expect

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Trust us - it gets better.


So this is it. You've decided to quit smoking. First of all, well done! This is the first step on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. In no time, you'll be feeling better than you've felt in years.

Before that, though, there will be a while when you're not feeling so chipper but we, along with the Quit to Fit programme and addiction expert and coach, Raul Aparici, are here to help you get through that.

Beginnings are always hard and Raul says that the beginning of your life as a non-smoker is no different. Even the decision to give up the smokes is a difficult one. Actually, it's probably the hardest part of this whole process (and you did it - good job!). The rest of the journey gets easier, but it's best to be prepared for the kind of things you'll be feeling, particularly in the first few weeks.


Raul says that, when quitting smoking, there are two main things to watch out for: your mental state and your physical cravings.

Mental state: "You're likely to be sad, anxious and cranky. Rather than getting consumed by these emotions, remember why you are feeling them and where they belong. They are part of the process and they will pass."

Let the people around you know that you're likely to be a bit snappy and under the weather for a week or two so they'll be prepared and can help you work through it.

Physical cravings: "Your body has become used to something and now you are taking it away," explains Raul. "Be kind to yourself and remember the cravings will pass."


Unfortunately there's no escaping the cravings, but there is a lot you can do to help distract yourself from them (that's what we're here for).

"The best thing about the Quit to Fit programme," says Raul, "is that we are not passive agents in our quitting process; instead we are going to use our bodies in different and active ways every week." (swap those cigarette cravings for exercise cravings!)

Certain things in your life may begin to change a little bit, but don't let that get you down - some change is good. It's all about setting yourself up as this new, fresh, non-smoking you.


"You may find that these first few days you have to remove yourself from social situations, but fear not. All we are doing is making space in your life for new experiences and new people.

"Week one is about giving up, about sadness and uncertainty. But it's also about excitement, looking forward and allowing yourself to be surprised by what you are capable of."

We think you'll be pretty impressed.

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Brought to you by NiQuitin.


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