Scarlett Johansson's PT recommends this very surprising food before a workout 3 years ago

Scarlett Johansson's PT recommends this very surprising food before a workout

Yep, we could definitely manage that.

When you think about pre-workout foods, we're used to the same recommendations of shakes, smoothies, oats and bananas but we didn't think chocolate would make the cut!


Rejoice fellow chocoholics because apparently, you can still indulge in some of the sweet stuff if you're on the "new year, new you" health kick.

Ryan and Eric Johnson are the brothers behind Homage Fitness, a new line of gyms in private residences across Miami, New York, and D.C. and are also PTs to celebs such as Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett, who has had to change her physique for roles such as The Avengers has been assisted by the two brothers who recommend good quality dark chocolate of at least 70 percent as a pre-workout snack, according to Insider

"We already drink way too much coffee and most of our clients do too, so we wanted to find something which was more naturally organic and that would give you the same benefits", Eric told the publication.


He continued:

"Dark chocolate releases dopamine and has a lot of benefits such as vasodilation which is basically that pump that people are after when they're trying to build muscle."

Dark chocolate is also known for releasing serotonin (the "happy hormone") and is an anti-inflammatory food.

Ryan and Eric recommend consuming about 30-50g of dark chocolate before you hit the gym. It'll give you energy but won't have you feeling overly full.