These everyday items could be causing your acne breakout 6 years ago

These everyday items could be causing your acne breakout

How could you live without these?

While diet and some habits can contribute to acne, it turns out some things you use on a daily basis could also be adding to the problem.


Mamamia has highlighted some unexpected ways you can get acne and they're all from everyday items.

The first is your phone. According to Neutrogena dermatologist, Dr Eleni Yiasemides, "bacteria that are on your phone can exacerbate acne and rosacea as well as cause skin infection. It has been reported in numerous studies that mobile phones carry large numbers of bacteria when tested."

She adds, "It is important to maintain good hygiene with your phone - never take them in your hands to the bathroom for instance!"

Another item which can cause skin problems is your headphones. They're constantly thrown about the place or kept at the bottom of a handbag so it's inevitable that they would pick up bacteria.


Emma Hobson, from Dermalogica, says, "If the bacteria and dirt accumulation is sufficient on the headphone it could potentially cause an ear infection."

Emma also says that tight clothes can cause acne and advises people to stay away from some items in particular like bandanas or hats.

She says, "wearing clothing or glasses that creates continual friction on the skin can irritate the skin and cause it to break out. Think items like a bra strap, sunglasses rubbing on the nose and sides of the face, wearing a hat or bandanna."

Your pillowcase is another item to be wary of, especially if you use fabric conditioner. Emma points out that there are ingredients in these detergents which can be "comedogenic to the skin", which means that it can block pores and cause blackheads.



So basically don't use our phones, don't listen to music with headphones and sleep standing up.