This is why your period blood smells 4 years ago

This is why your period blood smells

There's never enough information on women's bodies.

With all the wonders of the female body, we need all the help we can get.


We're constantly being warned to check for symptoms of cancer and yeast infectionsso any little tips or tricks we can pick up are more than appreciated.

The worst time of the month for most women is her period and between cramps, increasing anxiety and body sweats it's a paranoia-filled and gloomy time.

Lashing out unintentionally at your nearest and dearest can be predicted if you're not happy during this painful time and it can be isolating menstruating alone, worrying about your appearance or the sight of your blood, never mind the consistency nor the smell.

The nosy ladies we are at Her, we uncovered why your period blood may smell particularly strong while having your monthly time.


Despite using tampons or pads, while we can temporarily hide the blood from menstruation, the smell is a different problem which can be easily solved.

Spotted on Refinery29, the reasons for your period smelling strongly makes a lot of sense and gynecology expert Taraneh Shirazian will put even the biggest hypochondriac's mind at ease.


Your period may smell because of the contents of your expulsion, as when women menstruate we expel fluid, tissue, bacteria and vaginal mucus meaning it will never smell exactly like the blood that comes out of any other part of the body.

Your period blood may also smell because of moisture in the vagina which is totally natural. Dr. Shirazian advises that if your period has a strong, fishy smell that it may be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, an infection caused by germs found when the pH of the vagina is out of balance.

Another reason why you may find your period smelly is because of the excess blood in that area, with the more being there the more powerful odour it will cause. With more blood, more bacteria will grow so keeping the area as dry as possible is advised. Dr. Shirazian advises "wear cotton underwear and breathable clothing, not a lot of spandex or tight clothing... Many types of bacteria can grow during your period that are due to both blood and sweat."

Your period may smell either because you're washing yourself too vigorously. Doctors strongly advise against douching the vagina while menstruating as a period smell is totally normal. pH balanced soaps and warm water is advised to prevent harming the vagina's balance levels.