Women are pumping toxic 'ozone' gas into their vaginas 5 years ago

Women are pumping toxic 'ozone' gas into their vaginas

Stop that.

We could just about take the wasp nest situation of last month, but even that shook us up pretty bad. Well, things just got weirder.


There's a new 'wellness' treatment doing the rounds where you insert a cannula into the vagina and pump ozone gas throughout. According to the Medical Wellness Associates, it is a painless procedure that benefits pelvic and labia pain while also warding off yeast, bacterial and viral infections.





Let's all calm down and take a look at the facts. This new treatment is coming from an alternative medicine business in Pennsylvania, USA, and although people are perfectly entitled to offer any kind of 'wellness' regime they'd like, the FDA in America says that ozone is a “toxic gas with no known useful medical application.”

According to the UK's Independent, the procedure is advertised as a cure for a wide range of ailments from yeast infections to AIDS, the therapy was first attempted in a vegan cafe in Bali.

Ozone therapy is becoming a new buzz word amongst the medical community, there are many people who say it holds the key to curing cancer as well as treatment for HIV, although no research has been fully substantiated.


Hey... nobody likes yeast infections but until we see the benefits in black and white, we'll probably stick to the Kegels, they're gas enough for us!