Women who drink two cups of tea every day apparently live longer 1 year ago

Women who drink two cups of tea every day apparently live longer

Finally, some good news.

Ladies, if you love nothing more than curling up with a delicious cup of tea, we have some fabulous news.

There's a new study in town, and it has discovered that if women drink two or more cups of tea a day, we'll live longer.

Stunning news, right?

The study focused on the health of 1000 older women, tracking their consumption of tea and coffee.

Reading the actual study was pretty confusing, and very scientific, but breaking down the results was simple.

Basically, tea contains flavonoids, which were found to reduce the risk of death in women.


What is a flavonoid, I hear you ask?

Well, they're basically a pigment responsible for the colouring of tea, as well as all dark berries.

Which explains why people call blueberries a superfood - they're full of flavonoids.

Actually lads, so is red wine, so that's gorge news.


At the end of the study, 88 percent of women were still alive and researchers concluded that the women who drank more tea were 40 percent more likely to live longer.

Now, they're odds we can get down with to be honest.

The also concluded that the benefits of flavonoids may extend to the etiology of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Pass that tea!