10 Things...Men Do That Drive Us Mad 7 years ago

10 Things...Men Do That Drive Us Mad

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

As mad as we are about the men in our lives, there are some things they do that drive us completely around the bend.


Some of these might sound familiar.


This might well be one of the most annoying phrases out there. No we won't relax and we’re fine the way we are.

Sometimes, things stress us out and that’s just the way it is.




Sometimes, guys like to blame our bad moods on that time of the month and this is beyond annoying.

Most of the time, it has nothing to do with that and even if it does, we would like to see them suffer that pain.



Ten minutes. TEN.

Jump in the shower, get dressed and throw on some aftershave.

This doesn’t apply to all men, but generally, they have no idea how tough we have it when it comes to prepping for a big night out.




When you pour your heart out about something and try really hard to explain how you’re feeling and all you get in return is a simple "okay".

It's NOT okay.



The ‘throw the eyes up to heaven’ look

Now, we never intended on making them sit through a romantic comedy but it’s the look of outrage at the very thought of it that annoys us.

Especially when we know they secretly love 10 Things I Hate About You.


Important details

So, we don’t expect them to remember everything but there are certain details that should be on their radar.

Like the date of your birthday. Forgetting that is a rookie mistake.

Or the fact that you had planned to visit your parents next weekend, in fairness you’ve reminded him enough times.


Mess. Everywhere.

Underwear on the floor, dirty underwear at that. Takeaway boxes. A pile of washing so big you can’t even see his bed.

This doesn’t always apply and some guys are very tidy but if things get out of hand, it’s grim.



Jokes are great, we all love a good joke but not when it’s constantly at your expense and teasing you is his new favourite thing.


A time and a place

Sometimes we just want to watch our current Netflix obsession without any interruptions.

Of course, this makes no sense to him and he thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to get physical.

It really isn't a good idea when you’re engrossed in Scandal and it’s all going pear shaped for Olivia Pope.



A guy can eat a full pizza and it’s no big deal but if we do the same, it’s apparently weird.

NEWS FLASH, we get hungry too. And there’s no rules when it comes to pizza.


*Honorary Mention*

Why can’t they just read our minds though? Why?