12 Things Only People From Belfast Will Understand 6 years ago

12 Things Only People From Belfast Will Understand

It's the fantastic city that brought us Boojum, Bestie and Van The Man. The home of Samson and Goliath, The Giants and Queen's, the capital of Norn Iron is an incredible place. 

Have a wee hoke over these twelve things only people from Belfast will understand.


1. Leisureworld...

Was hands down the best shop in the city.

Leisureland World

2. Maggie Mays...

Is home to the best fry up in the world. And it needs to be washed down with a milkshake.


3. You had the best craic ever...


In the Holylands.

holy lands

4. Castlecourt was the centre of the universe...

until Victoria Square came along.

castle court belfast


5. You went to The Eg for six shots...

And then over to The Bot to dance the night away. You never paid more than £1 on Tuesday drinks in the Mclub.

the eg belfast

6. The Botanic Gardens...


Is the only place to be on a sunny day.

botanic garden sprite

7. City Hall...

Was the only place to hang out during your goth phase.


city hall belfast

8. You spent Sunday nights...

In The Hatfield. Where everyone wears GAA jerseys.


9. St George's Market...

Is the only place to pick up a Belfast Bap. So it is.


10. You called 'dial a drink'...

After a night out in Lavery's.

dial a drink taxi

10. You know that it's worth queuing...

For a German beer at the epic Christmas markets.

belfast christmas market

11. Northern Taytos...

Taste way better than Southern ones. It's just the way it is.

northern tayto

12. Thompson's Garage...

Was the only place to go when you were half-cut after a night out. Followed closely by a trip to the burger van or The Emerald Chinese.

thompsons garage belfast