5 things I learned while binge-watching 'Get Organised With The Home Edit' on Netflix 7 months ago

5 things I learned while binge-watching 'Get Organised With The Home Edit' on Netflix

I am messy.

It's the latest home improvement series to hit Netflix and it's fair to say that people are freaking out about 'Get Organised with The Home Edit'. If you haven't heard about the show, it's based on the wildly successful Instagram account and subsequent business of Joanne Teplin and Clea Shearer and it's basically about cleaning your act up and getting organised. Joanne and Clea have built an organisational movement online and grown their business relying solely on the power of social media and it's a sight to behold.


An entire series about organising shelves doesn't sound that riveting right? WRONG. How these women can turn a pantry into a thing of beauty and colour co-ordinate crayons in the blink of an eye is outstanding to watch. The satisfaction of the before and afters is enough to keep you glued to the screen and the series not only boasts a collection of famous faces but each episode includes 'regular' clients which definitely balances things out and makes you think about your own space rather than the aspirational closets of the rich and famous,

I decided to take one for the team and binge-watch the entire season over the weekend just so I can impart my learnings with you.

Generous right?

  • Khloe Kardashian's daughter has too many cars - It's just not necessary for a toddler to have her own carpark, I fully appreciate that the Kardashians live in a different world, but yeah just give her a cardboard box to drag around and she'd be just as happy I'm sure. That being said, this episode was still incredibly satisfying because it's Khloe and we appreciate her love of organising.


  • Netflix can make you cry at anything - If someone had told me a week ago that a show which mostly revolves around see-through containers would make me cry I would've laughed. But like any pure transformation show that's produced correctly when someone gets emotional... I get emotional. Not to give everything away, but you'll need tissues for episode seven with the Neighbourhood Youth Association


  • Women partnerships are amazing - I have to say the organisation is key, but the relationship between Joanne and Clea is the stuff of dreams. No wonder Reese Withersoon, who stars in her own episode and produced the show, was keen to make stars out of these women, yes they can organise a fridge to within an inch of their life but their friendship kept me coming back for more.


  • Labelling is life - I think this hit home for me around episode three when I looked around at my own apartment and to my dismay realised that I DON'T LABEL A GODDAMN THING. I didn't know how key labelling is to organisation and it has truly transformed me.


  • Maintenance is key - It's all very well and good for these organisational Queens to roll into your life and transform your closet for a show, but as I learned in the Rachel Zoe episode... this sh*t is hard to maintain. So, if like me, you've binged the whole season, bought every container you can find on Amazon (and a new label maker) just go easy on yourself, even celebrities throw their boots in the back of the closet from time to time.

These are my personal learnings but I would implore you to go and watch this series and remember to edit, categorise and contain.