Irish girls recreate THAT Kris Jenner birthday song for their friend's 21st birthdays 6 years ago

Irish girls recreate THAT Kris Jenner birthday song for their friend's 21st birthdays

These girls need a television show ASAP.

If you didn't already know the incredible gift that the majority of the Kardashian/Jenner brood gifted to momager Kris Jenner, then you need to remove yourself from that rock you've been living under.


The year was 1985 and Kris Jenner tried (and failed epicly) starting her music career with the banger that was 'I Love My Friends' which was accompanied by a mortifying video.

For Kris' 60th birthday in 2015, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kylie and Kendall teamed up to serenade their mother with her classic hit from 20 years ago.

While the rehearsed, highly rehearsed video that the Kardashians produced seems a million miles away from any Irish birthday we've ever seen, I am happy to inform you that seven brave, creative Irish girls re-enacted that legendary video to surprise their friends, Caren McHugh and Ailbhe Noonan, for both their 21st birthdays.

14111835_10207320557194138_371721489_n Caren and Ailbhe

Best friends Fatty Nolan, Sweaty Lil' Diva, Squidger, Ninbox, Weiner and Frisbae teamed up to surprise Caren and Ailbhe for the big 2-1.

Instead of filming the glamorous locations like Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, the girls filmed their favourite places like Diceys, UCD and Everleigh Gardens... and IT IS CLASS.

The clever gang got dogs, parents, cars, Shrek, heck even the Eiffel tower involved to tell both Caren and Ailbhe how much they love them. I DARE YOU to watch this and not tear up at least twice.


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