9 gadgets every self-respecting teen had in the 00s 2 years ago

9 gadgets every self-respecting teen had in the 00s

We’re a pretty tech-savvy bunch these days.

But it wasn’t too long ago that we were a little easier to impress.

A snazzy colour or celebrity endorsement was enough for us to add the latest gadget to our ‘must have’ list.

Well, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, and having a look back at some of the gadgets we were dying to get our hands on back in the day.

1. Portable DVD player

What could be better than watching a movie than watching a movie on-the-go? Well, our prayers were answered when the portable DVD player was introduced. A must-have for any self-respecting teen, we were finally able to keep ourselves entertained when our parents rounded us all up into the car on a Sunday.

2. Crimping iron

We have to thank Queen of the crimp, Lizzie McGuire, for this obsession. While it may have taken an hour to heat up, these beauties would always leave our tresses looking bang on trend, if not smelling a little too smokey for comfort.

3. Hit clips

Possibly the most useless of all MP3 players, but damn did we want to get our hands on it. The players would only play 30 seconds of our favourite tunes but it looked seriously cool – and that’s really all that mattered.

4. Game Boy Advance

You were really one of the cool kids if you carried one of these bad boys around. The perfect excuse to go talk to the boys, we spend hours bragging about all the games in our ‘collection’.

5. Fujifilm Finepix

Before the days of the front-facing camera, there was this bad boy – the colourful camera loved by all. If you didn’t get this as a present for your 16th birthday, were you even a teen in the naughties?

6. Motorola V3

From Paris Hilton to Vanessa Hudgens, everyone had this seriously slick pink flip phone and we just had to be part of the gang. Our hearts would jump for joy when our ‘Hello Moto’ ringtone would sound and we'd finally be able to show off that beauty to all who would look our way.

7. Boombox

The centrepiece of our bedrooms, we’d amp up the bass so that everyone could enjoy Anastasia’s latest album as much as we did. We'd cover it with stickers and the speakers would always have a mysterious nail varnish smudge, but we did cherish that thing.

8. Singstar

Finally we could perform the number we had been practicing for weeks for our friends and live out your dream of becoming a worldwide superstar – even if it was only in our front room.

9. iPod Nano

Before we had everything on our phones, we had to carry multiple pieces of technology for different reasons. Enter the iPod Nano – the most beloved of our devices. Sharing headphones with our friends, we'd show off the impressive playlists we'd spent hours curating and gloat about our 'eclectic' taste in music.