A 3-year-old boy that went missing in the woods says a BEAR looked after him 2 years ago

A 3-year-old boy that went missing in the woods says a BEAR looked after him

Because Disney is real...

Three-year-old Casey Hathaway was missing for two days, having gotten lost in the woods.


Thankfully, the child turned up, and had a very interesting story to tell.

According to Casey, he made friends with a black bear, who looked after him in the woods.

Stranger things have happened lads.

Police reported that casey was found about 50 metres into the woods, tired, but warm and unharmed.

When asked if Casey was able to explain how he managed to stay safe, the Sheriff said:

"He did say that he had a friend in the woods that was a bear that was with him."



Wild. Quite literally, in fact.

Little Casey's aunt also backed up the story with a Facebook post.

According to BuzzFeed News: "He said he hung out with a bear for two days."

"God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is good God. Miracles do happen."

She also thanked people for their gifts.


"We appreciate the thoughts but we do want to recognise that everyone wants to get Casey a stuff little bear and although we absolutely love that remember that he can only home so many."

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the black bear is the only species of bear found in North Carolina, and there were about 17,000 in the state as of 2012.

Its diet includes berries, nuts, and small animals, and attacks on humans are very rare.