Absolute legend tweets 'Snow joke out there' in response to cold snap 4 years ago

Absolute legend tweets 'Snow joke out there' in response to cold snap

This is a breaking news story.

Earlier today, Twitter user @Mike_Smith1, also known as an absolute legend, shared his musings with the world.


At precisely thirty-two minutes after the hour of 8am, Mike dropped this fire piece of content on the unsuspecting world.

"Snow joke out there!"

We got in touch with Mike, along with approximately 4,000 other news outlets, to find out how he managed to think of such an incredible tweet.


"I don't know how I thought of it, to be honest. I was on my way to work and there was snow everywhere and it just popped into my head. You see, 'snow joke' sounds like you're saying 'it's no joke'. That's why it's funny, because it's no joke outside when it's snowing. Things are very serious.

A lot of collisions can happen and even people slip on the ice. It's a nightmare in A&E at this time of year, they're inundated with fractures and breaks due to snow-related incidents. Honestly, people need to take heed of the snow a bit more. Mother nature is a dangerous force that we need to respect."

Although the tweet is yet to receive any interactions whatsoever, it's still a standout piece of content that could well go viral after this article is published.

Dramatic reenactment of Mike constructing the tweet earlier today


Mike, who works in social media, isn't sure what or where his next tweet will take inspiration from.

"I guess the lads would always describe me as a bit of a joker. I gave a brilliant speech when I was Jonesy's best man last year, so this probably wasn't a once off. I work in social media for a local business, so I'm very familiar with funny things on the internet.

On April Fool's, I put up a Facebook post that said we had gone out of business - people were panicking! I left the post up for half an hour, then took it down because I didn't want to lose any customers. It was brilliant. Who knows what's next for me, maybe another snow pun? Sky's the limit, haha!"

We'll bring you more on this breaking news story as it develops.