According To Research Most Of Us Do THIS Unhealthy Thing After a Break-Up 6 years ago

According To Research Most Of Us Do THIS Unhealthy Thing After a Break-Up

There seems to be no right way to deal with a bad break-up...

However, judging by research, there is definitely a wrong way - and most of us are guilty of it.



According to clinical psychologist Suzana E. Flores, the biggest post-break-up mistake is "hate-following" your ex.

This term refers to tracking your estranged lover's social media accounts and hoping to find something negative in order to feel better about yourself.

Put simply - we secretly hope they have gotten less attractive, are single, and look miserable.


Although it sounds nasty, apparently a lot of us do it, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Flores warns that this behaviour is unhealthy and is counter-productive to the moving on process.


She explained to Women's Health Magazine: “Remaining fixated on an ex’s suffering will inevitably only prolong your own suffering.

“It’s best to try to focus on yourself and your own happiness.”

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“If the relationship was abusive or toxic and maintaining any level of connection with this person will cause you harm, I recommend blocking them—that’s why social media implemented this feature.

“If, however, the relationship ended in a way that honors mutual respect, understanding, and friendship, then following your ex is not only appropriate but also sends the message that you can maintain a friendship with your ex post break-up.”