Ah Balls! Doctors Warn That Over Cycling Can Cause "Accessory Testicles" 7 years ago

Ah Balls! Doctors Warn That Over Cycling Can Cause "Accessory Testicles"

Well that's a headline we didn't think we'd ever write... 

Scientists and medical professionals complete research on just about everything these days and this next study promises to leave you crossing your legs and wincing a little.


A new report has found that over cycling can potentially lead to a third testicle in men, and ladies, we didn't exactly get off scot-free.

The research, which was conducted by South African scientists, explained that in a rare condition cyclists have grown a lump in their groin.

According to The Mirror, the report explains that a ‘nodule’, which has been given the name ‘accessory testicle’, develops due to the constant contact between the bum and saddle in both male and female cyclists.

The study was published in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine and revealed that symptoms included: “pain on pressure and when sitting on the saddle, which may even require the cyclist to give up the sport”.


The continued friction and vibrations between the lower pelvis bones causes the nodule, as the tissue under the bottom's skin and the hard bike saddles causes the tender lump.

Treatment for the condition involves surgery or a steroid injection, however can be avoided if cyclists’ changes bike saddles.

The case study highlighted one 29-year-old female with the condition, stating: "She was reluctant to give up the sport and opted to change the saddle, which, on follow-up, appears to have helped”.

How do we feel about this development? This...