Turns out, we should all be washing jeans this way 3 years ago

Turns out, we should all be washing jeans this way


Not washing your jeans sounds completely ridiculous (and very unhygienic) but apparently, it's the way forward.


Vogue writer Marjon Carlos invested in a pair of Acne Studio boyfriend jeans and it was love at first sight.

However, after a couple of wears AND a spillage, it was time to wash them and the fashion bible staffer had major regrets over that decision.

The texture was hardened, the shape ruined and the shade lightened and Marjon decided from then on that washing denim was a bad idea.

acne jeans
Acne Studios boyfriend jeans - GORGE

If you're worried about the hygiene factor (we definitely are) then apparently putting them in the freezer will kill any bacteria.

We get these points but not washing your jeans (at all) isn't something we're okay with and we might stick with the traditional washing machine method.

Marjon isn't alone either as Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi's if you don't mind, says that instead of using the washing machine, he 'spot-cleans' his denims with a toothbrush and/or damp cloth.


In an interview with Fortune, he explained that he wants to do his best to improve sustainability and reduce water usage in his business.