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Bank of Ireland is getting rid of an annoying online banking feature


By far one of the most annoying parts about buying something online is when you're through to the payment stage and the Verified by Visa pops up. Of all the passwords online, this one the last one people remember because it's only used sporadically.

Often, it results in people abandoning their purchase.

But now, that pesky pop up will be a thing of the past. Well, for Bank of Ireland customers anyway.

Bank of Ireland has announced that it has begun to phase out 'Verified by Visa'. Instead, they are introducing a one-time verification code. Explaining about the new pass code, they've said:

"It’s a unique six-digit code that we text directly to your mobile when you shop online from a participating retailer. Simply key in the six-digit passcode to complete your purchase. One-time passcodes are unique for each online purchase which makes them far more secure."

Users will automatically get the new service without having to register.

This is available for Bank of Ireland customers, but we're hoping other banks will follow suit.


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