This bar has created a shot to help keep women safe 4 years ago

This bar has created a shot to help keep women safe

Great idea.

A bar in Florida has created a shot that alerts the bartender that a person needs help. If a woman, or man, approaches the bar asking for an "angel shot" then it means that they need help to get away from someone hassling them.


According to TampaBay, the bar called Iberian Rooster put up a sign which read:

"Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel unsafe, or even just a tad bit weird? We're here to help... just go to the bar and order an Angel Shot."

There are three types of shots someone can order - Angel Shot neat, Angel Shot on ice or Angel Shot with lime. Neat means you need to be brought safely to your car, on ice means you need a taxi to be called and with lime indicates you want the police to be called.

This new trend, where bartenders help in specific situations, started in England when a bar put up a sign with instructions on what to do if you need help.

It was designed for Tinder dates gone wrong but turned out to provide a very good service to women or men looking to get away from abusive people at the bar.


Other bars began to follow suit with similar signs being put up.