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Brexit could have massive implications for the airline industry and it's rather worrying
Three words. This can't happen.

Thanks to Ryanair and its regular sales and deals, we're big fans of spontaneous city breaks and last-minute getaways.

Although the airline might have its downsides, it's very handy for budget travel so a threat to its longevity is far from ideal.

Company boss Michael O'Leary has spoken about the implications Brexit could have for the airline and there's a slight possibility that flights between the UK and Europe would be suspended once Britain leaves the EU.

According to RTÉ, O'Leary said that while there is an open skies arrangement in operation now, this would no longer apply to the UK after March 2019.

"In the airline industry, we could be heading for a very difficult divorce with Europe.

"There is a possibility, unlikely, but nevertheless a possibility that there may be no flights between the UK and Europe in March 2019 if the UK walks off this cliff that they seem determined to walk off".

O'Leary also said he's reneging on UK expansion plans and doesn't plan to create any further employment opportunities because of the uncertainty Brexit has created.

He also discussed what he sees happening down the line:

"We have to recognise the will of the the people, they did vote in a referendum, however they were fundamentally misled into believing they could leave Europe and nothing would change," he said.

"Everything is going to change, and probably for the worse".


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