You can now get married in a Wetherspoons and all our dreams have come true 11 months ago

You can now get married in a Wetherspoons and all our dreams have come true

Dream come true.

Every little girl dreams about their wedding day.

Well, not every little girl - some little girls dream about McDonald's double cheeseburgers, world peace, and being able to afford rent.

Some of them do though... and when they do they think of things like the size of the ring, their dad walking them down the aisle, how stunning their dress is going to be, and whether the Curry Club is going to be on once they finally tie the knot.

And seeing as they're getting married in a Wetherspoons, it's not all that unlikely, to be fair.

Yep, according to The Independent, there is one Wetherspoons fully equipped with a marriage licence to let couples put on a ring on it in true style.

And they'll even throw you a classy reception afterwards for an absolute steal.

The Knights Templar Wetherspoons in London is offering wedding packages for just £3,000 (about €3,370).

The all-inclusive package will get your 100 guests wined and dined on a three-course meal, pay for a DJ, table decor, and a wedding host.

There'll even be room for an additional 200 party guests once the dinner has gone down.


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We're not even taking the piss when we say this is a serious wedding package deal not to be sniffed at.

It was revealed last week that the average amount of money spent on an Irish wedding is €26,000. 

Most of that cash makes up the cost of the reception and, unsurprisingly, the dresses and suits - so getting married in Wetherspoons might actually be the way forward.

Now we just need to wait for them to start offering this wedding package here in Ireland.

One day, lads.

One day.