Can You Name The Most Likely Places You’ll Pick Up An STI After Some Rough And Tumble? 5 years ago

Can You Name The Most Likely Places You’ll Pick Up An STI After Some Rough And Tumble?

You may want to disinfect whole areas in your daily lives after you read through this report.

A study from UKMedix decided to delve into people’s sex lives, and apparently a lot of bedroom action is taking a detour from upstairs to outside.

1,976 people were questioned on their attitude to safe sex, with an even split of both male and female participants.

Of the group, 41% admitted to having contracted an STI, and when they could pinpoint the place they picked up their extra partner during sex, the results were… diverse.

Remember ladies, be sure to stay safe and always use a condom to prevent spreading STIs. If you think you've contracted an STI, this guide might help you on the next steps to better health.

In the meantime, here’s the top 10 places people are most likely to pick up an STI. Yes, we plan on carrying disinfectant with us in the future too…

Friend’s House

Apparently those house parties are host to more than just a game of Kings and a pack of Tayto. 15% of people reportedly picked up an STI after having sex at a friend’s house.

College Campus

College is a time for learning, but some people obviously skipped a few classes on sex ed. We’re assuming the 13% of people who contracted an STI on campus came away with a life lesson on safe sex.

Coping After College1


Strip Club

11% of those surveyed walked away from a strip club with more than an empty wallet.


It seems home is where the heart is… and a sexually transmitted infection. 10% of people contracted an STI after having sex in their own bed.

Try a love potion with a twist: In ancient times, sex tonics were all the rage and this is one that is still being used today. Warm some milk and add a pinch of saffron to it. The warm milk will help you to relax and unwind while the saffron will act as a natural ingredient. Share a cup with your man and then hit the mattress.


Showing off your signature moves on the dancefloor can bag you more than a midnight kiss. 8% of those who had been treated for an STI had cited a nightclub as the scene of the crime.


Rolling waves, frolicking in the sea… and catching an STI. Not really a moment you want to catch on camera. Those trips to the seaside left 8% with an itch in their shorts… and it wasn’t from the sand.


Office Antics

Those workplace indiscretions are already awkward enough, throw an STI into the mix, and we’re betting a lot of water coolers hold the secrets to take down any business empire. For 7%, we can only image the tense email exchange afterwards…

Swimming Pool

The thoughts of this made us feel pretty queasy. 6% of people admitted to picking up an infection from nookie in the pool, while we were busy bleaching our swimsuits.


Park Life

… Apparently means you need to pop a condom in your pocket when pulling on a pair of runners. 6% of people have taken a run off the beaten track and picked up an STI while dropping the pounds.

Back row of the cinema

We thought cinema tickets were expensive, but we doubt anyone factors in a trip to the doctors as well. Along with the butter popcorn, 5% of cinemagoers left with an STI. We’ll be sure to sit middle row, centre from now on…

It does have a very distinct, and very delicious, taste but the popcorn you but at the cinema is significantly more expensive than that you’d buy in a supermarket. In percentage values, cinema popcorn is 1275 per cent of the price of the home-popped snack.