'I can't believe you don't': Laura Whitmore on the benefits of period sex 4 years ago

'I can't believe you don't': Laura Whitmore on the benefits of period sex

Bleedin’ deadly!

Girls With Goals is back and this week is the one we’ve been waiting for – the week we talk about periods.


Yes, ladies, Niamh Maher is joined this week by broadcaster and actor Laura Whitmore and Her journalist Orlaith Condon, and as well as discussing some of the modern dating trends that have us doing serious self-assessment (you can hear all the goss from 4:50), we’re also talking all about our monthly visit from mother nature.

From our tricks of the trade to having proper access to period supplies, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in.

However, it was one area in particular that got our panel very excited – period sex. (Skip to 46:35 for the juicy stuff!)

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Yes, the panel spoke about their experience with the subject and it seems while some of us may be doing it wrong, some of us aren't doing it at all.

“I’ve tried it once and it wasn’t a great experience,” Orlaith admitted.

"I've never done it but I've read that it's meant to be so much better," Niamh shared with the group.

However, they should probably take some notes from Laura who assures us that it really is SO much better during that time.


“I can’t believe you don’t have sex during that time. I don’t see it as being an issue, especially when it’s someone you’ve been with a long time.

“You’re at your horniest at that time.”

“As someone who travels a lot, and being someone in a relationship where you’ve only got a small amount of time - you take what you can get.

“But it’s not really ever been my idea, it’s usually been theirs.”

Like many others, our panellists admit that self-confidence has a big role to play in our comfortability with having sex during our time of the month.

However, our host Niamh thinks that our lack of willingness to talk about it isn’t helping either.

“Women don’t talk about it a huge amount though. We’re stifling ourselves a little bit by not talking about.

“I don’t talk about it in the same way that women don’t really talk about anal.

“It seems to be the final door to being completely open.”


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