This couple served gone off food at their wedding, on purpose 3 years ago

This couple served gone off food at their wedding, on purpose

Not sure how this would go down at an Irish wedding.

A couple in the UK decided to make their wedding completely eco-friendly. So much so, that they served food that had reached its expiry date.


Seigo Robinson and Romilde Kotzé joined up with a food waste charity for their wedding to create a menu based purely on food thrown out from supermarkets. The price per head for the evening meal cost them £7.50.

Their meals consisted of mac'n'cheese, vegetarian pizza, salad, scones, apple pies, gingerbread men, fruit platter and banana skin curry.

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They also wore second-hand wedding rings and Romilde wore her sister's wedding dress.

Seigo told The Daily Mail:

"Minimising food waste was part of a wider circular economy-theme to our wedding, which Romilde and I are both passionate about.

And it made it more special because, for example, Romilde's wedding dress was her sister's and because we care about the environment every part of it made it feel nicer.'

By doing everything in an eco-friendly way, they saved over £10,000 for their wedding. They even donated the leftover food to a homeless charity and asked all guests to give money to various charities instead of gifts.